15 jūlijs, 2016

Determine a person's character by his face

The man's face - an open book

It says it all - the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, every wrinkle. With age, the faces change, but the most important features remain the same, and some are beginning to manifest itself more clearly. It is believed that the physiognomy - the oldest science in the world and originated in - China. Chinese physiognomists say that even it can be read by the human face destiny.
Physiognomy is often used at present in the world. This helps to understand the science of man before the transaction during the negotiations. The first acquaintance with much to tell close look and, perhaps, warn against mistakes that in the business world, in business are expensive.

It should be noted that the woman's face is read more difficult as applying cosmetics - woman's face hides a lot. But it is difficult to change form of face and eyes.

So, let's look at a human face, and to teach him to read about some hidden advantages or disadvantages it tells us.

Physiognomist are 5 important features of the face: the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

In men, the eyebrows are easily read, in women - is difficult, since almost all women were subjected to the cosmetic treatment of the eyebrows.

Texture of eyebrows 

It operates one rule: the eyebrows thicker and stiffer, the unyielding and stubborn character of the person. End of eyebrows: a thin outer end speaks of the nobility; a rising erect end - courage and enterprise, but at the same time a tendency to stiffness.

Length of eyebrows

Long, elegant eyebrows - calm, conservatism. The elegant line of the eyebrows longer eye - an outstanding intellect. A brief and thin eyebrows - a man leads a lonely struggle in life. Short and coarse eyebrows - amorous nature, a tendency to frequent change of career. If eyebrows are almost invisible - a trick. Short and thick eyebrows - independence, but also aggression, temper. Short, coarse, and, at the same time, thick eyebrows - anger, immorality, sexuality.

Direction of eyebrows

If part of the eyebrows is in the opposite direction - stubbornness, intransigence. Pull-down down eyebrow - shyness.

Form of eyebrows

Fused into a single eyebrow line - resourcefulness, determination, straightforwardness. Shiny black mole inside the eyebrows - a great success. As if torn eyebrows - treachery. Eyebrows in the form of a boomerang - ingenuity.


This is truly a "mirror of the soul" Nothing so much does not speak of a man as his eyes. You can do it all in his face, but the expression, eye shape remains unchanged.

Eye size

Big eyes - susceptibility and sensitivity, virility and authoritativeness. Small eyes - smugness, stubbornness, jealousy.

The edges of the eye

Scotia up - sensitivity, courage, determination. Eyes oblique downward - good humor, optimism, care. If the outer corner of the eye - long and sharp - it's intelligence and insight. The outer corner of the eye to the top of the bent - courage, recklessness and greed . If the eye area looks down - humility, obedience.


Top creeping century to the middle of the eyes - vision, dexterity. If the entire eyelid gently falls entirely - a great sex appeal, but a cold heart . The upper eyelid that falls off from the center to the corner of the eye - pessimism. Total sagging lower eyelid women - warmth and femininity. Swollen in the middle of the lower eyelid - self-centeredness. Swollen eyelids, both upper and lower - fatigue life.

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